Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Eid Takbir 1431 - تكبير عيد الفطر1431

Makkah Eid Takbir 1431 by Sheikh Ali Ahmed Mullah
تكبير عيد الفطر1431 - الشيخ علي أحمد الملا

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تكبير عيد الفطر1431 - الشيخ فاروق آل خضراوى
Makkah Eid Takbir 1431 by Sheikh Farooq Al-Hadrawi

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Chapter 74

Surah Al-Muddaththir Awesome
by Sheikh Salih Aal Talib

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Salaat Al Asr 13th Oct 2010

Makkah Fajr by Sheikh Shuraim

led by Sheikh Saud Ash Shuraim
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Sheikh Juhany-Very Nice Recitation from Surah Al Maidah

First Salaat led by Sheikh Ghamdi

in Masjid Al Haram

Recordings from Quran Channel

on 9th Dhul Hajj 1431
Sheikh Mahir Al Mu'ayqali

Sun directly above the Ka’ba at 12:27 pm

No shadow of kabba - 16th July 2011

As today at 12:27pm saudi time (01:27 UAE time) the sun was above the kabba. There was no shadow of kabba at that time. I here in UAE also place stick vertically to determine the exact direction of kabba,s mean Qibla. Mashallah the shadow show me the correct direction. Please take some photos of kabba at this time and load it on website of haramain. Please convey such topics on website to produce awareness in people about such theories. Many thanks.

محمد البسيائي


Jeddah, July 16: At 12:27 p.m. on Saturday, the sun will be directly above the Ka’ba during its return from the Tropic of Cancer to the Equator. The sun will cast no shadows in the Grand Mosque.
Eng. Majed Abu Zahra, Head of Jeddah Astronomy Society, said, “This phenomenon can help us determine with great accuracy of the direction of the Qibla for countries located in the sun-lit hemisphere.”
The direction of the Qibla will be exactly opposite to the vertical shadow cast in those countries at the time when it is noon in Makkah, he said.
“This is the second, and the last time, the sun becomes vertical over the Ka’ba this year. The first incident took place on May 28, when the sun moved from the Equator to the Tropic of Cancer,” Majed said.

Sheikh Hudiafy about Zakat 29th Ramadhan 1432

Iftar - Haramain Imams

29th Ramadhan 28th Aug 2011

Chapter 15 - 1431

Surah Al-Hijr (15th Night Ramadhan 1431)
by Dr. Sheikh Abu Ibrahim Sa'ud ibn Ibrahim ibn Muhammad ash-Shuraim an-Najdi

Washing of Kabaa

Washing of Kabaa Rare Video

4th Dhul Hajj 1432 - 31st October 2011

Makkah Istasqa Salaah and Khutbah(Prayer done for rain to be done)
Sheikh Saud ibn Ibraheem ash Shuraim

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Very Emotional

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Sheikh Shuraim and Sheikh Budair before Salaat Al Istasqa

His Eminence Sheikh Saud Ash Shuraim with HRH Prince Khalid Al-Faisal, Governor of Makkah

His Eminence Sheikh Salah Al Budair with HRH Prince Abdulaziz bin Majed bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Governor of Madina.

Man Claims To be Mahdi in Asr Prayer At Makkah Al Mukarama

Today after Sheikh Juhany said takbeer al-ihram for Salat al-Asr, a man snatched the microphone and claimed to be The Mahdi in Arabic before security arrested him.